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Accession number 09.509
Title Chinese Bible excerpt, manuscript
Notes Manuscript of Scripture portion in Chinese
For years in Communist China, it was illegal to have a Bible. People cherished even the smallest hand-written portions of Scripture.
09.509 John Hellstern Collection

2/18/2015L This information came from Rusty Maisel, a Bible collector. He said that
Andy Rietveld, who is with the Bible League

Andrew Rietveld 16801 Van Dam Road
South Holland, IL 60473
Phone/Fax: (708) 331-2077

Smuggled Bibles for years into China for years. One family who did not have a Bible had one on loan for a month; the owner was traveling and it was too dangerous to take his Bible with him. So the family, 24/7, copied the entire New Testament, individual members taking turns with the copying. Also included in the blank pages were prayers for the children. Many of the colporteurs who were helping distribute the Bibles inside China were arrested and sent to prison for 6 years or more at a time. Rietveld negotiated finally to bring in 7 million Bibles one year. When the family who had hand-written the Bible received a printed Bible, they gave their handwritten copy to Andy. He used it to raise funds for the Bible League for several years. Rusty Maisel (who told me the story; 1-817-800-7725 should you want to contact him) said he photographed some of the pages from the hand-copied Bible and bound it just as it was - making small facsimiles to use in fundraising for Bible distribution. When he was finished, Rusty sent the hand-written Bible carefully back to Andy Rietveld. Someone in the Bible League mailroom opened the package and thought it was a piece of junk and threw it away! So the only portions that remain are those that Rusty carefully photographed and are in our facsimile.